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Year 6 to Year 9

Playford College created a Middle School at the beginning of 2019 to acknowledge that the teaching and learning program for adolescents needs to be rigorous, thoughtful, based on the Australian Curriculum and taught by specialist teachers.

The specialist subjects offered include:

* English

* Mathematics

* Science

* Health and Physical Education

* Information and Communication Technologies

* Art and Design

* HaSS (Humanities and Social Science)

* Islamic Studies

* Arabic

* Quran Reading and Memorisation

To enable strong learning at school and between home and school, the College provides a laptop for each student. Most teachers set homework on Google Classroom, which is accessible at home, as well as school. 

A Friday afternoon Elective program has been successfully introduced to build strengths, skills and life long abilities. Popular Electives for 2019 include soccer, cooking, badminton, basketball, lawn bowls, art, drama, Chinese, ultimate frisbee and robotics. Students prioritize the Elective they would like to do and Electives change each term.

Specialist teachers remain in their subject room and students move according to the lesson.

Communication with parents takes place using Seesaw; a digital platform that keeps parents ‘in the loop’.

 Playford College is pleased with the integrity of the Middle School.