Wellbeing at Playford College

A Growth Mindset​

We promote a growth mindset that encourages all staff to focus on each child. We believe that developing character is as important as nurturing academic ability. Positive Education brings together excellent teaching practice and the science of positive psychology.

We understand wellbeing to be built upon several different elements. The world class South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute’s (SAHMRI) Wellbeing and Resilience Centre acknowledges Dr Martin Seligman’s work and his identification of building blocks for wellbeing known as PERMA (Positive Emotion, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning and Accomplishment). SAHMRI’s perma+ adds Physical Activity, Nutrition, Sleep and Optimism, as critical factors in supporting positive mental health.

​Playford College will seek to apply this research within a Islamic environment to shape wellbeing and support children, families and the wider community to flourish.