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Reception to Year 5

Playford College aims to provide a broad, rigorous, engaging and challenging learning program for all students. An inquiry methodology is encouraged across all year levels and Reception classes have an emphasis on play-based learning. 

The curriculum is designed to cater for the whole child, providing opportunities for children’s spiritual, physical, mental, social and emotional growth. The Australian Curriculum in major learning areas shapes the Playford College curriculum.

Sacred time is provided each day for children to learn to, and implement, prayer. Students from Reception to Year 2 have this devotional time in their classrooms while Years 3 to 9 meet every day in the Prayer Hall for corporate prayer. The Illumination staff team provides teaching about faith, the Quran, the significant people and stories of faith and how to live your life as a creation of Allah.

Playford College has specialist teachers for Physical Education, Arabic and Illumination lessons. Teachers plan together in teaching teams and sometimes specialise with subjects across classes.

The Playford College curriculum includes;

o English

o Mathematics

o Science

o History

o Geography

o Arts

o Languages other than English – Arabic

o Health and Physical Education

o Civics and Citizenship

o Design and Technology

o Information and Communications Technology

o  Quran Reading and Memorisation

  •          Islamic Studies