Beyond The Classroom

Beyond The Classroom

Creative Play

Outdoor play is an extension and continuation of classroom learning and supports the development of the whole child. We believe creative play enriches the opportunities students have to experiment, risk take and grow.
Children are happy and feel nurtured when they are engaged in stimulating activities. Through creative play:

Outdoor spaces are age appropriately built for students and support an enormous array of imaginative and creative adventures during break times.

Building Community

Playford College is working towards establishing itself within several communities.

​It is keen to see parents becoming increasingly involved in the life of the College and connecting with the education of their children. This partnership is consistent with, and crucial to, the College’s long term goals of being a lighthouse school. It is in partnership between home and school that children have the best opportunities for success.

​We look forward to holding events to which our community is invited. Events so that they can see the work and the life of the College, their children, and each other and come to identify more broadly as part of the wider Playford College community.

Caring for Community

Many from Playford College’s community have come from challenging backgrounds and continue to face challenges in their ‘new’ home. Staff at Playford understand some of these challenges and seek to work with students and their families, so that, over time, Playford College community members develop a strong sense of connection with each other, within the community.